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Do you need a WordPress hosting service that allows you to follow a true Git based development workflow? One with access to shell, WP-CLI, and real DB merging between devel, stage, and production branches while remaining easy to use? Look no further.

What makes 45AIR different?

One of the biggest headaches for WordPress developers is finding a service that provides all the development tools out of the box, but also fits easily into existing workflow for seasoned developers and novices alike. That's where 45AIR comes in.

The version control system Git is a incredibly powerful tool for development, and makes it possible for people around the world to actively collaborate on massive projects in. If a mistake is made, it is easy to roll back the change to any point in time. Git is the backbone of 45AIR's staging system and give absolute flexibility to develop how you like.

VersionPress is basically Magic. It is the front end plugin to our Git backend that tracks all actions in a WordPress site and gives you a undo button. If a plugin update fails, or you lost a copy of a theme file, or even want to revert post content from a week ago - VersionPress can restore it. Even better, VersionPress provides painless staging. This means that you can easily create a test and then merge them to prod once ready. VersionPress handles situations where your live site had new content in the meantime seamlessly, and yes that includes FULL database merge capability. Learn more →

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WP-CLI is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. You can update plugins, configure multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser. A more RESTful WP-CLI aims to unlocking the potential of the WP REST API at the command line. With 45AIR, you get the full power of WP-CLI automatically installed and available with your account. Learn more →

Having to do everything via FTP or another control panel can be a pain, especially when a massive archive can be extracted in seconds through shell. You have full SSH and Bash scripting access to your account via CageFS. This also allows you to make full use of command line developer tools, and work directly with Git and WP-CLI. Just authorize your public key and you're good to go!

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